Charlotte Rivard B.S.

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Charlotte Rivard
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Ms. Charlotte Rivard’s work at Woodwell Climate Research Center involves predicting various soil properties from spectral data using machine learning techniques, and measuring carbon storage in rangelands using remote sensing and GIS. She is particularly interested in soil data science as it relates to climate change and sustainability. She was previously a member of the US Urban Develop II team through NASA DEVELOP at the Langley Research Center and has significant programming knowledge.

Ms. Rivard graduated from Simmons University with a B.S. in Data Science and Analytics. In her free time, Rivard enjoys competitive swimming and plays the cello.

Selected Publications

Soil organic carbon fractions in the Great Plains of the United States: an application of mid-infrared spectroscopy

Sanderman, J., J.A. Baldock, S.R.S. Dangal, S. Ludwig, S. Potter, C. Rivard, and K. Savage. 2021. Biogeochemistry. doi:10.1007/s10533-021-00755-1