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Ellen Bradley
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Ellen is a biologist and environmental scientist who works on Arctic carbon monitoring. She is helping to develop a model that can predict how climate change will affect Arctic carbon emissions using environmental variables like permafrost thaw, vegetation, soil moisture, and temperature. This model will have direct applications in making land and climate policies and in analyzing risk to Northern communities.

Bradley is an alum of the 2019 Polaris Project, where she studied how phytoplankton populations were influenced by tundra fires to learn more about the health of aquatic ecosystems. During the project, she also connected with community members in Bethel, Alaska about their concerns about climate change’s impact on tundra life. She later presented her research at the American Geophysical Union Conference.

ellen in a tree

photo by Michelle Spicer

Bradley is an Alaskan Native, enrolled member of the Tlingit tribe, and views environmental issues through the lens of her Indigenous heritage, believing that nature has intrinsic value separate from the resources it can provide humans. Bradley believes that Indigenous peoples are the original scientists of the land and leaders in expanding our understanding of climate change. She hopes to focus her career on centering Traditional Ecological Knowledge and the implications of scientific exploration on Indigenous communities.

Ellen skiing

photo by Max Lowe

Bradley has a B.A. in Biology and Environmental Studies from Gonzaga University. In her spare time, Bradley is an outdoor athlete for NativesOutdoors, Protect our Winters, and Deuter, as well as a ski ambassador for Crystal Mountain, Washington. She grew up near the Salish Sea and now works from Tulalip, Snohomish, Stillaguamish and Coast Salish Territories (Everett, Washington).