Erica Simon

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Erica Simon
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Erica Simon works with climate models to explore low-likelihood, high-impact risk projection outcomes. Although most climate warming projections tend to focus on median outcomes, Simon analyzes the magnitude and probability of catastrophic outcomes—this information can help decision makers assess whether emissions reductions pledges are in line with climate goals.

Simon is driven to help provide decision-makers with accurate information about climate warming pathways, and is particularly interested in working across Earth system models and climate-economic models to ensure that economic analyses of climate change are accurate and fair. She has experience in climate science, computer science, and economics, and has worked as a research assistant in Dartmouth College’s Climate Modeling and Impacts Group.

In the future, Simon is interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in environmental economics or climate science. Her passion for climate change mitigation is motivated by experiences hiking and spending time outdoors in New England, and she enjoys crossword puzzles, yoga, and cycling in her free time.