Hector Delgadillo

  • PEP Student
Hector Delgadillo

Hector Delgadillo works with Dr. Jennifer Watts, investigating how carbon fluxes behave between different habitats and under changing climate conditions. His research is motivated by a lifelong interest in the beauty of the natural world and how science can explain the effects of human pressures on both ecosystems and human communities.

Growing up, he would walk the drying canals in his neighborhood and bring home hundreds of aquatic animals. He continued this interest in aquatic life in his undergraduate work, analyzing sediment samples to see how sand affected invertebrate life as part of wetland restoration research.

Hector recently graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a B.S. in Marine Biology. He plans to pursue a graduate degree in ecotoxicology and hopes to conduct research with a nonprofit or government organization about how PCBs, DDT, and microplastics may impact organisms and their communities. Through his research, he hopes to inspire first generation college students to make impactful change through a career in environmental or climate science.