Henry Henson

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Henry Henson
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Henry Henson studies the future of sea level rise and coastal communities, using maps and models to project the impacts of climate change. His work in climate risk allows him to translate climate modeling into real-world metrics, making sure the science is relevant to the wider public. 

Mr. Henson is fascinated by intersections— whether that’s between land and water, or science and policy. In 2019, he joined Woodwell’s Polaris program, where he studied methane emissions from Arctic ponds after terrestrial permafrost erosion. Since then, he has been working on marine land-water boundaries. He spent a year in Greenland on a Fulbright scholarship and is currently completing a master’s degree at Aarhus University in Denmark. He has witnessed firsthand how communities in the region have been impacted by the changes that his research documents.

Mr. Henson grew up in Minnesota and now lives in Aarhus with his boyfriend. In his spare time he enjoys running, climbing, Nordic skiing, reading, and learning new languages.