Isabelle Runde B.S.

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Isabelle Runde
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Isabelle Runde analyzes climate model output to describe a range of climate changes and impacts. In partnership with Probable Futures, Isabelle generates insightful metrics using high resolution data to describe physical climate risks, such as extreme drought likelihood, number of extreme heat days, and change in wet season rainfall. By meaningfully translating climate science, Isabelle hopes to engage and enable communities and societies to prepare for our future warmer, unstable world.

Isabelle holds a B.S. in Physical Geography and minors in Earth Science and Statistics from the University of California Santa Barbara. Prior to Woodwell, Isabelle worked on a NASA DEVELOP team in Asheville, North Carolina and at Los Alamos National Laboratory in her hometown in New Mexico. Isabelle works remotely from Portland, Oregon and enjoys hiking, swimming, and reading in her free time.