Isabelle Runde B.S.

  • Research Assistant
Isabelle Runde
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Ms. Isabelle Runde is a Research Assistant supporting Woodwell Climate Research Center’s Risk program. In this role, she analyzes climate records and climate model output to better understand climate change dynamics, in order to quantify and identify physical climate change risk.

Ms. Runde recently graduated from University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) with a B.S. in Physical Geography and minors in Earth Science and Statistics. Throughout her time at UCSB, she contributed to several research projects investigating and analyzing stratospheric ozone concentration in tropical South America, surficial Greenland Ice Sheet dynamics, and meteorological influences on wildfire spread. In her work with the NASA DEVELOP program in Asheville, NC, Ms. Runde assessed flash drought risk in the Ohio River Basin.

Looking forward, she hopes to pursue a career in applied climate science, aiming to effectively analyze readily available environmental observations to better understand changing earth systems.