Joe Mangiafico B.A.

  • Research Assistant
Joe Mangiafico

Joseph Mangiafico works with the Science on the Fly program, helping process water samples and connect citizen science volunteers to the materials needed to participate in the project. Science on the Fly samples provide monthly baseline water quality data that helps inform conservation projects around the world.

Mangiafico has always been a passionate outdoorsman and conservationist with a background in fisheries biology. As an angler, he cares deeply about aquatic habitats and has spent several years working on conservation projects for state governments. He joined Science on the Fly first as a volunteer and now works with the program part-time. He is dedicated to helping keep rivers healthy for the benefit of all and hopes his work will also help in the fight against climate change and protect wildlife habitats.

Mangiafico also works part-time running a knife production and design business, designing knives for production companies as well as making and selling custom pieces. He regularly donates some of his work to conservation fundraisers and hopes to continue giving back to the conservation cause.