Josie Rozzelle

  • Communications Intern
Josie Rozzelle

Josie Rozzelle works on enhancing the biographies of Woodwell’s postdoctoral researchers, fellows, and consultants. She believes shining a spotlight on the faces and stories behind Woodwell’s research makes the Center’s mission more personal and powerful.

Josie developed a love for writing stories after many years working on school newspapers and enjoys telling stories that highlight overlooked, misunderstood, or complex topics. She became passionate about climate reporting after witnessing worsening fires in her home state of California and believes publicizing the work of climate scientists is important to engage the broad coalition of people needed to save our environment.

Currently a junior at Colgate University majoring in Political Science, Josie hopes to build a career in communications or journalism and to use writing and reporting as a vehicle to create lasting change both in her community and the world. In her free time, she enjoys exploring new places by foot or bike and doing the New York Times crossword puzzle.