Julia Holtzer M.S.

  • Restoration Research Field Assistant
Julia Holtzer
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Julia Holtzer studies salt marsh ecosystems and the ways in which they respond to anthropogenic threats like climate change and agricultural fertilizer runoff. She assists with field work for various Woodwell projects examining salt marsh ecology.

Holtzer has worked with the TIDE project for two years as both an undergraduate and graduate researcher at Northeastern University. She completed her undergraduate capstone project and master’s thesis on the response of salt marsh algae to long-term nutrient enrichment from runoff and the recovery of these species after ecosystem restoration.

Holtzer is passionate about making a positive difference for vulnerable coastal ecosystems through her research. She hopes the results of the TIDE project will demonstrate the urgency of reducing human impact on these systems.

Though she has moved around a lot in life, she considers the coastal ecosystems of Massachusetts her home and enjoys getting to explore them through field work. In her spare time Holtzer enjoys scuba diving.

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