Kate Armstrong B.A.

  • Intern
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Kate Armstrong studies the effects of the Coonamessett River restoration on herring populations and migrations, creating educational experiences to teach local students and the public about the restoration and herring ecology.

Armstrong was an elementary science and math teacher for the past three years, and has spent her summers as a Field Research Assistant with the TIDE project, a long-term study of the effects of nitrogen on salt marsh ecosystems. She worked often in an educational capacity, mentoring interns and new employees and communicating to the public, which sparked her passion for science education. She hopes to guide the public towards a better understanding of how climate change and human activity are impacting the planet and their communities.

Armstrong believes it is imperative to make science accessible to all education levels, and wants to continue “bridging the gap” between science and local youth. She grew up on Cape Cod and has been involved with the Center since she was a student, working with Woodwell scientists on her science fair projects.