Kia Billings M.S.

  • Field Research and Lab Assistant
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Kia Billings studies the ecology and water quality of streams in New Bedford and Falmouth, Massachusetts. She collaborates with watershed conservation and municipal groups to collect water samples, assess stream flows, and conduct lab water chemistry analyses.

Prior to joining Woodwell, Billings worked on a research project surveying ecological restoration practitioners to gain insights into various restoration projects around the Great Lakes region. During her undergraduate and masters studies in chemistry and ecology, respectively, at the University of Michigan, Billings has gained experience in fish identification, handling, and sampling, field photography, data management, and chemical and ecological analysis methods. She used these tools to better understand the way environmental changes like invasive species, climate change, and habitat degradation are impacting fish.


kia billings scuba diving

photos courtesy of Kia Billings

Billings is an avid scuba diver and has seen firsthand how climate change is impacting wildlife. She wants to contribute her skills as an environmental chemist to the collection of data and development of solutions that will help combat climate change and environmental degradation. 

Billings has an Australian shepherd named Eldur whom she enjoys adventuring with in her spare time. She also loves fossils, scuba diving and board games.

kia billings with her dog in holland
kia billings holding a fossil