Lindsay G. Scott M.S.

  • Research Assistant
  • Lab Manager
Lindsay Scott
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Lindsay Scott is an ecosystem biogeochemist with interests in watershed biogeochemistry, soil microbial community function, and science outreach. At Woodwell Climate she works with rivers programs (Arctic Great Rivers Observatory, Cape Cod Rivers Observatory) in the analysis of water samples that are collected locally and globally. Ms. Scott took over the role of Woodwell Climate Laboratory Manager in 2019 and works to ensure all lab members are working safely and instrumentation is functioning properly.

Prior to joining Woodwell Climate, Ms. Scott worked at the Marine Biological Laboratory on soil warming studies at the Harvard Forest and, then on a Buzzards Bay watershed project focused on quantifying nutrient export from cranberry bogs. She has also been a high school biology and environmental science teacher. Ms. Scott earned her B.S. in Environmental Conservation Science from the University of New Hampshire and her M.S. in Environmental and Plant Biology from Ohio University.