Mary Evelyn Tucker Ph.D.

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Mary Evelyn Tucker

Senior Lecturer and Research Scholar, Yale University

Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker is a Senior Lecturer and Research Scholar at Yale University where she has appointments in the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies as well as the Divinity School and the Department of Religious Studies. She teaches in the joint M.A. program in religion and ecology and directs the Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale with her husband, John Grim, which they founded in 1998. The Forum is the largest international multi-religious project of its kind and is engaged in exploring religious worldviews, texts, and ethics in order to broaden understanding of current environmental concerns. The Forum recognizes that religions need to be in dialogue with other disciplines (e.g., science, ethics, economics, education, public policy, gender) in seeking comprehensive solutions to both global and local environmental problems.

Dr. Tucker’s concern for the growing environmental crisis led them to organize a series of ten conferences, from 1995-1998, on World Religions and Ecology at the Center for the Study of World Religions at Harvard University and together they are series editors for the ten volumes from the conferences. Considered a pioneer in the field of religion and ecology, Dr. Tucker has authored and edited nearly 20 volumes and has published hundreds of articles.