Maya Weiss

  • Research Assistant Intern
Maya Weiss
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Maya Weiss works on the Continuous Oxygen Monitoring in Buzzards Bay (COMBB) project, maintaining and collecting data from continuously-recording data loggers. She also works with measurements of stage, discharge, and nutrients from rivers that run into Buzzards Bay to examine factors that influence estuarine water quality and ecosystem health.

Weiss has assisted with research on stormwater management and flood resiliency in Chicago through Northwestern University’s Center for Water Research. She also worked for the City of Evanston collecting and processing water samples and monitoring beach water quality for six beaches on the shore of Lake Michigan. Weiss is interested in understanding the components that influence water quality in order to inform policy that protects the health of ecosystems.

Growing up near Lake Michigan, she has always had a love for the outdoors and water. She currently plays for the club women’s water polo team at her school and also enjoys swimming, hiking, and spending time outdoors. Weiss is a rising senior at the University of Virginia where she is majoring in environmental science. Her love for water motivates her studies and she hopes to continue her education by pursuing a graduate degree in environmental science. Weiss is also looking to explore careers that combine aspects of research, policy, and science communication. She believes water is a crucial component to life and is passionate about working to protect waterways for those who depend on it as a resource and habitat.