Mitch Korolev B.S., B.A.

  • Field Research Assistant
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Mitchell Korolev studies carbon flux from permafrost in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. His research aims to better understand how fast carbon is being released from thawing permafrost soils and water, which will better inform developing climate models.

During his undergraduate studies at Indiana University, Korolev studied forest phenology, ecology and land-atmosphere interactions, specifically forest carbon fluxes and the impacts of drought. He also studied abroad in Greenland where he witnessed firsthand the drastic impacts of climate change on the Arctic. 

Korolev is motivated by his interest in ecology and connection to nature. He grew up exploring the natural world and is driven to understand better how we can protect it. When it comes to climate change, Korolev believes that data should act as a foundation for policy and views his work as one of many building blocks that will contribute to climate mitigation. Through education, policy, and scientific data, Korolev believes we have the ability to halt climate change. 

Korolev enjoys landscape and wildlife photography, and especially enjoys photographing the beauty of the Alaskan Wilderness. He is also an avid fan of the TV show Survivor and hopes his audition tape will be selected one day.