Richard O’Keefe

  • Research Assistant Intern
Richard O'Keefe
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Richard O’Keefe supports the Permafrost Pathways project in analyzing and improving a pan-Arctic permafrost carbon database. He compiles field-based permafrost carbon flux and stock data, and analyzes the links between permafrost carbon stocks and emissions. O’Keefe is interested in advancing climate science and policy by using geospatial data science techniques to visualize and explore the relationships between permafrost and climate change—an interest that was sparked by a summer visit to Woodwell Climate.

O’Keefe recently completed his B.S. at St. Lawrence University, where his coursework focused on data analysis and visualization, statistics, R programming, and environmental science. He worked as a research assistant in the Environmental Studies department during his senior year, analyzing the accuracy of the Energy Information Administration’s energy forecasts and creating a ShinyApp to help visualize the results. O’Keefe will be continuing his education this fall at the University of Michigan to pursue a master’s degree at the School for Environment and Sustainability, with a concentration in Geospatial Data Sciences.

He loves being active and in nature, whether that’s by running, hiking, or biking. O’Keefe makes a point to pick up litter he finds while spending time outdoors—the importance of which was emphasized to him on a visit to the Mashpee Wampanoag Indian Museum.