Saskia Braden

  • Government Relations Assistant
Saskia Braden

Saskia Braden contributes to the Government Relations team’s work on forest carbon markets in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She believes that climate change is the single most important challenge of our time and plans to dedicate her career to climate policy.

Braden appreciates how Woodwell Climate’s work in the DRC has an outsized potential for impact at the unique intersection of conservation, socioeconomic development, and market reform. She is particularly interested in the systems-level puzzles that climate change generates and how we can restructure the basic incentives of society to better serve both communities and the environment.

Braden previously interned at the White House Climate Policy Office, the World Wildlife Fund, and at Woodwell Climate on the Government Relations team. She is currently a junior at Yale University, where she majors in Global Affairs and Environmental Studies and runs the undergraduate UNFCCC COP (Conference of the Parties) program.

Braden loves animals, skiing, and coffee. She grew up in Washington, DC, and is a triple citizen—Finnish, British, and American.