Sol Cooperdock M.S.

  • Research Associate
Sol Cooperdock

Sol Cooperdock supports communities impacted by permafrost thaw by leading technical analyses to support adaptation decision making. His analyses contribute to a product that helps Alaska native communities adapt to changing climate.

Cooperdock joined Woodwell Climate from UCLA’s Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, where he was a Project Scientist. Prior to his work at UCLA, Cooperdock worked at Woodwell Climate as a Research Assistant.

Selected Publications

Forest composition change and biophysical climate feedbacks across boreal North America

Massey, R., B.M. Rogers, L.T. Berner, S. Cooperdock, et al. (2023). Nature Climate Change.


Burned area and carbon emissions across northwestern boreal North America from 2001–2019

Potter, S., S. Cooperdock, S. Veraverbeke, et al. (2023). Biogeosciences.


Soil Water Content and Soil Respiration Rates Are Reduced for Years Following Wildfire in a Hot and Dry Climate

Cooperdock, S., C.V. Hawkes, D.R. Xu, & D.O. Breecker. (2020). Global Biogeochemical Cycles.