Evening at the Museum with the Permafrost Discovery Gateway

Join us for an evening at the Museum of the North to learn more about the Permafrost Discovery Gateway (PDG) and how it can help improve our understanding of what permafrost means to people living in Fairbanks.

The PDG is an online resource that provides researchers, planners, policymakers, educators and the public at large with timely monitoring of permafrost thaw and its implications. The PDG hopes to educate, inspire, and equip people to develop and implement solutions that address permafrost thaw impacts.

This 30 minute science talk + Q&A will discuss how big geospatial data and AI can help us better monitor permafrost thaw across the Arctic and help communities in their assessment and planning on permafrost hazards.

After the talk, take a virtual tour of the CRREL Permafrost Tunnel through VR headsets and connect with the PDG team members.

This event is free to attend, no registration required.


Presented by the Woodwell Climate Research Center and the University of Alaska Fairbanks with support from Google.org.

May 8, 2024 6:00pm–8:30pm ET
UA Museum of the North
1962 Yukon Drive
Fairbanks, Alaska

image from Permafrost Discovery Gateway

Dr. Anna Liljedahl
Anna Liljedahl

Associate Scientist

Nikita Namjoshi
Nikita Namjoshi

Product Manager Google.org Fellow

Jennifer Moss

University of Alaska Fairbanks