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The following positions are currently open at Woodwell Climate Research Center:

Woodwell is also searching for a Senior Director of Major Gifts. The Center has engaged the search firm, THINKINGAHEAD, to conduct this search on our behalf. If you are interested in learning more and/or applying for this role, please contact Kay Linder or apply on the THINKINGAHEAD websiteBy clicking this link, you understand that you are being sent to a third party search firm.


Woodwell Climate Research Center is a hybrid workplace with staff living and routinely working in more than twenty states and several countries, conducting science for solutions at the nexus of climate, people, and nature.

While we work all over the world, our main campus is located in Falmouth, Massachusetts, on the traditional and sacred land of the Wampanoag people who still occupy the land, and whose history, language, traditional ways of life, and culture continue to influence this vibrant community.

We conduct our science, external engagement, and internal operations in accordance with our values:

We treat others with dignity, understanding that people are our greatest strength.

We conduct our work ethically and honestly. We set clear, realistic expectations with each other, as well as with our collaborators, partners, and funders to ensure the independence and merit of our work.

We cultivate collaboration, community, and belonging within and beyond our organization. We value diverse experiences, perspectives, and ways of knowing.

We say and do what is needed, not what is easy. We honor and encourage independent thought and bold, creative ideas, and support learning through experimentation and failure.

We strive to make a meaningful, positive difference in the world. We prioritize work with the greatest potential for societal and environmental benefit and seek opportunities to amplify our influence.

We conduct our science, operations, and communications in an open and accountable way. We share our methods, learnings, and work products for the greater good.

We hold ourselves and our collaborators to the highest standards of rigor, innovation, equity, and inclusion.

Woodwell Climate Research Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It is our policy to not discriminate against any applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, marital status, genetic information, disability or because they are a protected veteran.

Diversity, equity and inclusion at Woodwell


Climate change is the greatest challenge of our lifetimes. Woodwell Climate Research Center (Woodwell) understands that the climate crisis—from causes to consequences—is inextricably linked with persistent social injustice. Effectively addressing either requires addressing both. The climate crisis demands that we bring to bear all of the knowledge, expertise, innovation, and creativity that we can collectively muster, and those who have been marginalized and disproportionately impacted must be heard.

The work Woodwell does—the questions we ask, the ways we seek answers, and the strategies we put forward—is stronger when shaped by a diversity of knowledge, perspectives, and experiences. We strive to welcome, respect, and amplify differing voices. We value individuals as they are, with all their differences in race, age, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, language, and mental and physical abilities.

Woodwell acknowledges that our organization, and the scientific community more broadly, have a long way to go in living up to these ideals. We approach the work of improving our organization with the same ambition and commitment to systemic change that we bring to addressing climate change.

We will inevitably make mistakes, but we will continue to listen, learn, and do this critical work. We understand that this work requires an ongoing commitment from each and every one of us. We are actively engaged in building and sustaining an equitable and inclusive culture within our organization, and in fostering greater diversity in climate science.