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Most recent publications

Almada, H.K., M.N. Macedo, E. Lenza, L. Maracahipes, & D.V. Silvério. (2024) Indigenous lands and conservation units slow down non-GHG climate change in the Cerrado-Amazon ecotone. Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation.

Horne, L., A. Soucy, A. Dimatteo-LePape, V. Briones, & G. Wolf-Gonzalez. (2024) Reflections of a graduate student team on developing and implementing a transdisciplinary research project: Challenges, recommendations, and lessons learned. Climatic Change 177.

Lee, J.H., S. Veraverbeke, B. Rogers, & Y.H. Kerr. (2024) L-band microwave-retrieved fuel temperature predicts million-hectare-scale destructive wildfires. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 129.

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Mitu, S.M., C. Smith, J. Sanderman, R.R. Ferguson, K. Shepherd, & Y. Ge. (2024) Evaluating consistency across multiple NeoSpectra (compact Fourier transform near-infrared) spectrometers for estimating common soil properties. Soil Science Society of America Journal.

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Wang, Y., L. He, J. Liu, K.A. Arndt, J.L. Mazza Rodrigues, D. Zona, D.A. Lipson, W.C. Oechel, D.M. Ricciuto, S.D. Wullschleger, & X. Xu. (2024) Intensified positive Arctic-methane feedback under IPCC climate scenarios in the 21st century. Ecosystem Health and Sustainability.