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Abbott, B.W., M. Brown, J.C. Carey, J. Ernakovich, J.M. Frederick, L. Guo, G. Hugelius, R.M. Lee, M.M. Loranty, R. Macdonald, P.J. Mann, S.M. Natali, D. Olefeldt, P. Pearson, A. Rec, M. Robards, V.G. Salmon, S.S. Sayedi, C. Schädel, E.A.G. Schuur, S. Shakil, A.J. Shogren, J. Strauss, S.E., B.F. Thornton, R. Treharne, M. Turetsky, C. Voigt, N. Wright, Y. Yang, J.P. Zarnetske, Q. Zhang, S. Zolkos. (2022) We Must Stop Fossil Fuel Emissions to Protect Permafrost Ecosystems. Frontiers in Environmental Science 10. DOI:10.3389/fenvs.2022.889428

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