Below are PDF files containing Woodwell Climate’s financial information.

Woods Hole Research Center changed its name to Woodwell Climate Research Center in 2020. Any financial documents prior to then will reflect the Woods Hole Research Name.

The Indirect Cost Rate Agreement is negotiated annually with the National Science Foundation, Woodwell Climate’s Cognizant Agency.

Final FY20 / Provisional FY21 and FY22
Final FY19 / Provisional FY20 and FY21
Final FY18 / Provisional FY19 and FY20
Final FY17 / Provisional FY18 and FY19

The IRS Form 990 is the tax return filed annually by Woodwell Climate Research Center.

FY20 Form990
FY19 Form990
FY18 Form990
FY17 Form990
FY16 Form990

Audited Financial Statements.

2020 Uniform Guidance
2019 Uniform Guidance
2018 Uniform Guidance
2017 Uniform Guidance
2016 Uniform Guidance