Going negative: How much carbon can we capture?

Kaneb Lecture Series

Preventing catastrophic climate change will require not only the elimination of fossil fuel emissions, but also pulling significant amounts of carbon back out of the atmosphere. Natural ecosystems, from forests to marshes, currently absorb and hold a quarter of human carbon dioxide emissions, and there is potential for nature to do even more. But nature, alone, cannot meet the full scope of the challenge. On the other hand, new technologies may not be viable soon enough to make a difference. We bring together diverse expertise to explore the combined potential of natural and technological carbon capture and storage for restoring a stable climate.


October 20, 2021 3:00pm–4:00pm ET
Joanthan Sanderman
Jonathan Sanderman

Carbon Program Director

Peter Mannion
Peter Mannion

Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company's Sustainability Practice

Portrait of Giana Amador
Giana Amador

Co-founder and Policy Director, Carbon180

Events in this series

Seeing the future: What do success and failure look like?

Visualizing our future is critical to motivating wise choices today. In this endeavor, speculative fiction is a powerful complement to scientific projections.

Beyond 1.5Kaneb Lecture Series

Just in case: What do we need to know about climate intervention?

Can we afford to engineer the climate? Can we afford not to? This conversation breaks the taboo on discussing solar radiation management.

Beyond 1.5Kaneb Lecture Series

Tipping points: Is there a point of no return?

Ecosystems that have long absorbed and stored carbon threaten to become emissions sources, and ice sheets may be committed to complete melting long before they've disappeared.

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Internalizing risk: What 1.5°C (and beyond) looks like

Despite public perceptions, 1.5C degrees of warming has never been “safe,” and current events are raising awareness of the severity of impacts we face.

Beyond 1.5Kaneb Lecture Series

Indigenous Perspectives on Climate Change

Join us for a series of events aimed at deepening our relationships with Indigenous communities in the places where we work and amplifying Indigenous voices within our broader community.

Kaneb Lecture Series

Earth Day 2021: Where Do We Stand?

A Kaneb Lecture  |  The Biden Administration has made climate change a higher priority than any previous administration, and is widely expected to announce new commitments at the Earth Day Summit.

Kaneb Lecture Series