In Flux: Perspectives on Arctic Change

Woodwell Climate Research Center is proud to sponsor an exhibition of new works inspired by Arctic research of Woodwell Climate scientists. The exhibition includes installation art by Aaron Dysart, encaustic art by Board member Georgia Nassikas, photography by Gabrielle Russomagno, a documentary film by Michaela Grill and Karl Lemieux, and maps by Woodwell Senior Geospatial Analyst Greg Fiske. Collectively, the works demonstrate the power of art to interpret the data and experience of climate science in ways that connect and inspire at a deep emotional level.

A panel discussion on July 11 will bring together the artists with Woodwell Climate scientists Dr. Sue Natali and Dr. Jennifer Watts to share perspectives on the value of art-science collaboration and the urgency of addressing Arctic change.

This exhibition is made possible in part through the generous support of the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod, the Brabson Family Foundation, The Falmouth Fund, and The Woods Hole Foundation, and in partnership with Highfield Hall & Gardens.


Research reflected in the exhibition is supported with funding through the TED Audacious project, National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs (NSF OPP-ANS 8159801), and Woodwell Climate’s Fund for Climate Solutions.

May 21–July 14, 2024
56 Highfield Drive Falmouth