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Arctic permafrost is thawing fast. That affects us all. “I’ve largely imagined permafrost thaw as a slow and steady process, and maybe this is an odd five-year period. But what if it’s not? What if things change much more quickly?” Dr. Holmes told National Geographic. September 2019

Siberia’s “Pleistocene Park”: Bringing Back Pieces of the Ice Age to Combat Climate Change. 60 Minutes interviewed Dr. Holmes on thawing permafrost and Sergey Zimov’s efforts to slow it. July 7, 2019

Some Arctic Ground No Longer Freezing In Winter. WHRC Scientists Dr. Max Holmes and Dr. Sue Natali were both quoted in National Geographic’s recent story on the implications of rising temperatures on Arctic permafrost. August 20, 2018

Cape Cod Rivers Getting Much Needed Attention. Dr. Holmes was interviewed by WCAI’s Living Lab Radio about his research on Cape Cod rivers and WHRC’s Cape Cod Rivers Observatory. July 30, 2018

On climate change solutions. Dr. Holmes was featured in this Falmouth Enterprise article on his work to understand the impacts of climate change on rivers around the world. May 25, 2018

Students join scientists in the field. Dr. Holmes was mentioned in this Falmouth Enterprise article about the sixty Cape Cod Academy students who joined WHRC scientists for a day of fieldwork in Cape Cod rivers and watersheds. May 11, 2018

Cape Cod Rivers Observatory offers stream of information. WHRC’s Cape Cod Rivers Observatory, a project run by Dr. Holmes, was covered in the Cape Cod Times. January 19, 2018

Alaska’s Permafrost is Thawing. Dr. Holmes and several other WHRC scientists were featured in this New York Times front-page story about climate change impacts in the Arctic. August 23, 2017