A year of ‘unreal’ fire and warming in the Arctic

Exposed thawing permafrost, photo by Chris Linder

photo by Chris Linder.

A year of ‘unreal’ fire and warming in the Arctic

Observations from researchers and residents, published annually in a report by NOAA, reveal a region grappling with rapid change.

exposed permafrost

This summer was the Arctic’s warmest on record, as it was at lower latitudes. But above the Arctic Circle, temperatures are rising four times as fast as they are elsewhere.

The past year overall was the sixth-warmest year the Arctic had experienced since reliable records began in 1900, according to the 18th annual assessment of the region, published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Tuesday.

“What happens in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic,” said Rick Thoman, a climate specialist at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and an editor of the new report, called the Arctic Report Card.

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