Celebrating Earth Day 2022

There’s more than one way to #InvestInOurPlanet: 5 Woodwell stories and 5 investments you can make

Every day, we put our all into better understanding our global climate and developing just, effective solutions to the climate emergency. We know that working together gets us farther than working alone—that’s why Woodwell collaborates with partners around the world to champion climate science for change.

During the week leading up to Earth Day on April 22, we invited you to join us in exploring some of the many ways we can #InvestInOurPlanet and consider a few actions you can take right now to support a better future climate.

photo by Nolan Kitts

photo by Nolan Kitts

  1. We’re invested in stopping tropical deforestation while supporting Indigenous peoples and local communities.

Altogether, Indigenous territories cover a third of the Amazon, yet they account for only 8% of carbon lost from the region. Woodwell scientists are using remote sensing data to explore these emissions patterns, which drive home the need to strengthen existing Indigenous land rights.

This week, you can care for a forest near you—take a walk and spend a moment in the woods, sign up for a community group’s trail cleanup or restoration project, or research ways to support Indigenous land stewardship in your area.

photo by Michael Whittemore

  1. We’re invested in restoring ecosystems for clean water, carbon storage, and biodiversity.

Woodwell Climate Senior Scientists Drs. Linda Deegan and Christopher Neill are working with the state of Massachusetts to restore aging commercial cranberry bogs into wetlands, helping to create new opportunities for conservation and climate adaptation.

This week, you can nurture native wildlife in your own backyard—plant native flowering plants to support pollinators; identify, report, and remove invasive species on your property; or participate in a river cleanup in your local watershed.

photo by Jonathan Sanderman

  1. We’re invested in integrating climate benefits with the livelihoods of farmers and small landholders.

Woodwell Climate’s Dr. Glenn Bush works on a local level in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to identify scalable strategies to improve net social welfare. Projet Équateur creates incentives for forest conservation by meeting local farmer needs and introducing new agricultural techniques to increase economic activity.

This week, you can learn more about where your food is coming from—then vote with your wallet by supporting farmers, companies, and food systems that share your climate values.

photo by Sarah Ruiz

  1. We’re invested in making sure under-resourced communities around the world have the climate information they need to build resilience.

Woodwell Research Associate Dominick Dusseau created comprehensive flood risk models for Decorah, Iowa, which has been impacted by two extreme flooding events in the past two decades. We are now working with a cohort of more than 20 cities and municipalities across the United States and Global South to provide assessments of various physical climate hazards for future adaptation planning.

This week, you can talk to your local leaders and representatives about how they’re addressing your community’s emissions and preparing for the impacts of climate change—send an email, make a phone call, or find an upcoming event to get the picture of your community’s climate plans and make your voice heard.

photo by Chris Linder

  1. We’re invested in slowing the climate emergency and helping our partners in the Arctic build climate-resilient communities.

Woodwell’s newest project, Permafrost Pathways, is connecting science, people, and policy to help develop just, effective strategies to address Arctic warming.

This week, you can catalyze world-class climate science and policy impact. Combating the climate emergency takes ongoing research, ongoing commitment, and ongoing investment. Please consider becoming a monthly donor to Woodwell Climate Research Center—your reliable support powers climate science for change.

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