Foundations and corporations are important strategic partners, fueling the research and collaborations needed to transform science into action. Whether it is funding a specific initiative or providing unrestricted funding, your support enables us to be at the forefront of understanding climate change and developing science-based solutions. We look forward to working with you to find the best match between your funding interests and our program needs.

Marcia Sampling in the Amazon

Left: Dr. Brendan Rogers (far left) with research assistants in a fire-ravaged northern boreal forest.

Right: Dr. Marcia Macedo taking a water sample in the Amazon.

Giving Spotlight

An Enduring Partnership

Since 2003, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has generously supported the Woodwell Climate Research Center. We are grateful for their dedication, which has enabled Woodwell Climate to bring our science to global impact from the Amazon to the Arctic.

Our partnership began with Woodwell Climate’s work to better understand the ecology of the Amazon, its vulnerability to fire, and the importance of protecting the forest. The Moore Foundation supported our studies of the short- and long-term impacts of land use changes linked to deforestation. Through collaboration with other key partners, that science is used to inform policy to help end deforestation. As a result of our research, the Moore Foundation has been better equipped to prioritize their work on protected areas in Brazil.

Most recently, the Moore Foundation awarded Woodwell Climate a grant to understand the impacts of thawing permafrost in the Arctic. We are developing a comprehensive monitoring and projection system for carbon emissions from Arctic permafrost and wildfire. With other partners, we will link our Arctic science to regional and global policy at the highest levels.

I have had the pleasure of working with Woodwell Climate for over a decade. The science they produced for the Amazon-Andes initiative has been invaluable in helping the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation conserve critical protected areas in the Amazon. We view Woodwell Climate as leaders in helping end deforestation in the Amazon. Avecita Chicchón, Ph.D. - Program Director, Andes-Amazon for the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Above: A panoramic view in the Cerrado region of Brazil.

The Woodwell Climate Research Center’s Office of Foundation and Corporate Relations seeks and secures financial support from the philanthropic arms of corporations whose interests align with our priorities and initiatives. We have created many ways to recognize you among our community of over 10,000 engaged individuals.

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