Alec Andress M.S.

  • Development Coordinator for Foundation Relations
Alec Andress

Alec Andress cultivates relationships with foundations and identifies opportunities for new connections that will furnish critical resources for Woodwell Climate Research Center.

Andress’ unique background in biology, business, and sales equipped him with the diverse set of skills he employs in his role. As an undergraduate student at North Dakota State University, he worked as a lab assistant with the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service insect unit, studying honey bee metabolism. His master’s thesis examined the potential honey bee stress response that might result from transporting the bees across the country for pollination events. Andress’ biology education nurtured his passion for the planet and the species that call it home. He is motivated to contribute to mitigating climate change for a more secure future.

Andress’ interest in supporting science through the realm of business inspired him to earn a Minor of Business administration and pursue graduate-level business coursework. After graduating, he worked for Bee2Be—a for-profit company developing scalable apiculture solutions to foster environmental sustainability, promote biodiversity, and support personal and community wellbeing. His experience with the company built his skills in business, sales, and environmental consulting.

Andress grew up in Hettinger, North Dakota, a town of about 1000 people. He has always enjoyed fishing and hanging out on the rocky lake beaches of Shade Hill, but has since traded them for the soft sandy beaches of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Outside of work, Andress enjoys visiting the beach, spending time with his wife, Alyssa, and playing video games with friends.