Alli Dickey B.S., B.J.

  • Social Media Specialist
Alli Dickey

Alli Dickey coordinates Woodwell Climate’s profiles across social media platforms to elevate our scientists and communicate their research. She is passionate about making complex science topics accessible to drive positive change.

Dickey is also a freelance writer for National Geographic Kids magazine, and is experienced in social media management, science communication, content creation, and digital campaigns. She previously created content for Texas Sea Grant’s Coastal Resilience team as their Communications Specialist, and has taught marine science in the Florida Keys, designed conservation websites in Puerto Rico, and written about shark research in South Africa.

In her free time, you can usually find Dickey outside—hiking, birding, herping, or getting out on the water. Indoors, she enjoys cheering on Kansas City sports, getting overly invested in reality TV, or spending time with her leopard tortoise, Squat.