Amber Fullmer M.A.

  • Arctic Adaptation Specialist
Amber Fullmer
Expertise Contact

Amber Fullmer works with the Permafrost Pathways team to build ties with and within Alaska Native communities and tribal entities, and to increase their access to agencies and resources.

Fullmer’s expertise includes the intersection of public health and social justice. She identifies both the needs and existing resources within a community, then develops new resources and programs, taking a systemic approach to addressing areas ripe for social change.

With her expertise in social systems, Fullmer aims to build an expansive hub related to Indigenous needs. She has found significant gaps in Alaska Native communities’ access to critical services and opportunities. The COVID pandemic was an especially eye-opening experience for Fullmer, revealing a clear misalignment in access to resources that adequately address community needs.

Fullmer appreciates how Woodwell Climate’s reputation within Alaska Native communities is built on a foundation of mutual respect. She is dedicated to ensuring that Indigenous knowledge is seen as equal to Western knowledge and used responsibly, to the benefit of the communities contributing it. Fullmer strives to build communities of practice where Western and Indigenous knowledge can work together, starting with a foundation of authentic and genuine relationships where Indigenous voices, traditional practices, and knowledge lead the conversations.

Fullmer loves to travel with her family, especially to Mexico. When she is home, she spends time with her dogs, cats, and adult kids, enjoying all that Alaska has to offer. She appreciates gardening in the summer, canning in the fall, and Netflix in the icy cold winter.