Brendan M. Rogers Ph.D.

  • Associate Scientist
Brendan Rogers

Dr. Brendan Rogers studies the vast expanses of boreal forests and Arctic tundra across Earth’s northern high latitudes. His work focuses on understanding how these systems impact—and are impacted by—global climate change.

Dr. Rogers is particularly interested in changes to permafrost ecosystems, especially through disturbances such as wildfire and abrupt permafrost thaw, and the impacts on global climate and Arctic residents. He combines field measurements, satellite remote sensing, and a range of modeling techniques to gain insight into rapidly changing carbon and energy cycles, vegetation dynamics, and disturbance regimes. Dr. Rogers uses his science to inform natural resource management and policies for improved climate mitigation, adaptation, and ecosystem protection.

Dr. Rogers is widely recognized for his expertise, acting as a member and leader of various working groups, steering committees, science teams, and editorial groups focused on Earth’s rapidly changing high-latitude ecosystems. He is deputy lead for Permafrost Pathways, an initiative funded through the Audacious Project that addresses the local to global impacts of permafrost thaw. Dr. Rogers engages a range of practitioners and rights-holders, from community members and fire managers to international policy makers, in exploring the societal ramifications of his work.

Dr. Rogers’ research blends his love of pure mathematics and his enjoyment of the natural world. When he’s not at work, he is likely to be found backpacking or kayaking.

We need realistic emissions reduction targets, and every indication is that Arctic carbon could put those at risk of failure. Arctic ecosystems are changing faster than any others on Earth, and the feedbacks can be enormous.


Charred standing trunks in a burned boreal forest

Changing Boreal Fire Regimes

Understanding intensifying boreal fire regimes and their role in driving climate change
A severely eroding hillside sloughs land towards the water due to permafrost thaw

Permafrost Pathways

Connecting science, people, and policy for Arctic justice and global climate.

Selected Publications

Forest composition change and biophysical climate feedbacks across boreal North America

Massey, R., B.M. Rogers, L.T. Berner, S. Cooperdock, et al. (2023). Nature Climate Change.


Permafrost carbon: Progress on understanding stocks and fluxes across northern terrestrial ecosystems

Treat, C.C., A.-M. Virkkala, E. Burke, L. Bruhwiler, A. Chatterjee, J.B. Fisher, J. Hashemi, F.-J. Parmentier, B.M. Rogers, et al., et al. (2024). Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences.