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Carlos Dobler-Morales
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Dr. Carlos Dobler-Morales uses an integrated approach to analyze both the physical hazards of climate change and the capacity of people and communities to adapt to those hazards. He seeks to improve our understanding of the social dimensions of climate change and how those societal factors determine the severity of climate impacts. Incorporating economic and institutional insights with physical data into his analyses has given him a more holistic view of climate change and its consequences. 


carlos dobler conducting field interviews

Dr. Dobler-Morales conducts interviews about livelihood strategies with smallholder farmers in Calakmul, Mexico.

photo courtesy of Carlos Dobler-Morales

Dr. Dobler-Morales is motivated by his concern over the profoundly unequal ways in which climate change affects society. With a large number of people already experiencing disproportionate climate impacts due to lack of resources, He hopes his research can help address this inequity. His risk analysis work can be used to inform policies and practices that better address environmental justice and social resilience.

Dr. Dobler-Morales grew up in Querétaro, Mexico. He earned his Ph.D. in geography from Clark University and has expertise in vulnerability science, cultural and political ecology, and geospatial analysis.


Above: Projected flood risk for Decorah, Iowa. / map by Carl Churchill

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