Christina Minions M.S.

  • Research Assistant
Christina Minions
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Christina Minions manages Woodwell’s soil respiration station sites across Alaska. These stations monitor the flux of carbon from soils in boreal and tundra environments. Minions will aid in the collection of data that can help us develop a better understanding of year-round carbon dynamics in the Arctic. 

As an undergraduate research technician, Minions worked with a team to design and build automated soil respiration measurement tools, and developed a passion for working with complex equipment and collaborating with other scientists. Partnering with Woodwell, Minions was able to travel to the Arctic and deploy the equipment she helped to build.

Minions earned her master’s degree after falling in love with Arctic ecosystems during her undergrad. Her research focuses on Arctic treeline dynamics in the Brooks Range of Alaska, examining changes in the roots of white spruce to determine how the trees are responding to climate change. 

Minions hopes that by improving measurement techniques, her work will contribute to a better understanding of Arctic ecosystems and translate into impactful climate policy.