Christina Schaedel Ph.D.

  • Senior Research Scientist
Christina Schaedel

Dr. Christina Schädel works with experimental data to improve representation of permafrost dynamics in Earth system models, with the ultimate goal of enabling decision makers to create more accurate carbon budget calculations.

Dr. Schädel has been a permafrost researcher for over a decade, previously coordinating the Permafrost Carbon Network. The network convenes over 500 scientists from across various disciplines and career stages to address big research questions around permafrost and carbon. Dr. Schädel was the primary liaison between researchers, steering committee members, stakeholders, and funding agencies and organizing workshops.

Dr. Schädel is passionate about applied research and seeing real impacts arise out of published scientific papers. She enjoys collaborating closely with an interdisciplinary community, including world leaders on permafrost carbon issues, to accomplish positive change.

In her spare time, Dr. Schädel enjoys mountain biking and hiking, as well as exploring the beauties of national parks.


A severely eroding hillside sloughs land towards the water due to permafrost thaw

Permafrost Pathways

Connecting science, people, and policy for Arctic justice and global climate.

Selected Publications

Earth system models must include permafrost carbon processes

Schaedel, C., B.M. Rogers, D.M. Lawrence, et al. (2024). Nature Climate Change.


Using long-term data from a whole ecosystem warming experiment to identify best spring and autumn phenology models

Schädel, C., B. Seyednasrollah, P.J. Hanson, K. Hufkens, et al. (2023). Plant-Environment Interactions.


The Irreversible Emissions of a Permafrost "Tipping-Point"

Christina Schaedel (2020). Carbon Brief.