Darcy L. Peter B.S.

  • Research Assistant
Darcy L. Peter
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Ms. Darcy Peter supports the Polaris Project under Dr. Sue Natali. Her research primarily focuses on greenhouse gas emissions, permafrost thaw, and Arctic ecology.

Ms. Peter is Gwich’in Athabascan from Beaver, Alaska, located along the Yukon River. She grew up living a subsistence way of life: fishing, hunting, and trapping in Beaver.

Ms. Peter received her B.S. from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. Following her graduation in 2017, Peter worked for Alaska Native non-profits, in environmental science, policy, and social science. She has a broad understanding of Arctic policy, including tribe, city, corporate, state, academic, federal, non-profit, etc.

She is on six boards that range from state-wide (Alaska) to international, and is a firm believer that all research, if properly communicated to locals and policy-makers, has the power to induce change.

In her free time, Ms. Peter enjoys traveling, subsistence hunting, fishing, and trapping in Alaska.