Dogukan Teber B.S.

  • Research Assistant
Dogukan Teber

Doğukan Teber supports technical work on the Arctic team with Python and C++ programming, automating software workflows, managing advanced computing tasks on Google Cloud Platform, and improving vegetation and soil ecosystem models.

Teber studied programming at Yasar University, then participated in a Summer of High Processing Computing (HPC) internship where he learned computing techniques like parallel programming, which splits a large problem into smaller tasks that can be worked on at the same time with multiple computing resources. He is passionate about continuing to learn ways to make a positive impact with software, and values parallel programming’s power to optimize hardware resources and write faster programs.

Teber is bilingual and speaks Turkish and English. He is also learning French, and hopes to learn Arabic as well. In his free time, Teber enjoys reading, kickboxing, and calisthenics.