Ezio Jemma

  • User Experience Google.org Fellow
Ezio Jemma

Ezio Jemma is a Google.org Fellow working on the Permafrost Discovery Gateway project. He is a Brazilian based in Sao Paulo, and has been working with Google for nearly four years.

Music, nonprofits, and Google are the three pillars of Jemma’s life. He started at Google as a Growth Manager on the App Development team, and recently was a User Experience Fellow supporting the Nature Conservancy—something he considers to be one of the most incredible experiences of his life.

Outside work, Jemma is Communications Director for the nonprofit organization Hamburgada do Bem. He also enjoys traveling and playing, writing, and recording music.


Aerial photo of arctic tundra wetlands

Permafrost Discovery Gateway

Improving accessibility of Arctic permafrost information