Jeremy M. Oppenheim

  • Founder & Managing Partner, SYSTEMIQ, Ltd.

Founder & Managing Partner, SystemiQ

Mr. Jeremy Oppenheim is the founder and managing partner of SystemiQ, a global consulting firm based in the UK focused on implementing system-level changes that are reliable and professional.

Mr. Oppenheim was a senior partner at McKinsey & Company until April 2016, where he advised private, public, and social sector clients around the world with his broad expertise in renewables, energy efficiency, and environmental finance. His clients were among the world’s largest oil companies, engineering groups, mining companies, and banks. In the public sector, he has advised both developed and developing countries on ways to combine robust economic growth with the protection of irreplaceable environmental assets.

Mr. Oppenheim has also led projects for several UK government departments, including the development of a carbon budget for the UK economy. Prior to joining McKinsey, he was a senior economist at the World Bank, where he specialized in industrial restructuring and technology development. He is an expert advisor to the UN Secretary General’s Panel on Sustainable Development and a regular speaker at global resource productivity and sustainability events.

Mr. Oppenheim also serves on the Advisory Board of the Oxford School for Enterprise and the Environment. He holds a MA in Law and Economics from Trinity College, Cambridge, and a Master’s in Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.