Joshua Rady Ph.D.

  • Postdoctoral Researcher
Joshua Rady

Dr. Joshua Rady works on the Permafrost Pathways project, modeling wildfire and its impacts on Arctic and boreal permafrost. In the Arctic-boreal zone, climate change is increasing the frequency and impact of wildfires. Modeling these changes helps predict how they could further alter the climate by thawing carbon rich frozen soils (permafrost).

Dr. Rady’s expertise spans forest ecology, environmental science, and ecosystem modeling. He is fascinated by the complexity of ecosystems and enjoys the challenge of understanding how these living systems function through modeling. His previous research has focused on the role of management in temperate forests under changing climate conditions.

Dr. Rady is motivated in his work to help reduce the impacts of climate change on human life as well as Earth’s ecosystems. He hopes his research will be able to inform policy and help people living in the Arctic-boreal region anticipate changes that will affect their lives and livelihoods.


A severely eroding hillside sloughs land towards the water due to permafrost thaw

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