Kayla Hardie

  • Software Engineer Google.org Fellow
Kayla Hardie

Kayla Hardie is a Google.org Fellow working on the Permafrost Discovery Gateway project. She is also a backend software engineer on the Google Earth Engine team.

Hardie is passionate about applying her technical skills to climate change and sustainability, and is very excited to be a Fellow at Woodwell Climate. Through the fellowship, she is looking forward to building community, collaborating with diverse perspectives, and learning more about permafrost, machine learning, and the Earth Engine user perspective.

Before joining Google, Hardie worked in renewable energy in academia and as a technical policy advisor in the Canadian federal government. She has a physics and computer science degree from the University of Waterloo, and in her personal time enjoys yoga, meditation, hiking and observing nature.


Aerial photo of arctic tundra wetlands

Permafrost Discovery Gateway

Improving accessibility of Arctic permafrost information