Kayla Mathes Ph.D.

  • Postdoctoral Researcher
Kayla Mathes
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Dr. Kayla Mathes assesses emerging fire management strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the permafrost and boreal ecosystems of interior Alaska. Not only do these strategies have the potential to be an important natural climate solution, but they also have implications for rural and Indigenous communities in Alaska who are facing economic and societal impacts of wildfires.

Dr. Mathes is a forest and ecosystem ecologist who has devoted her career to seeking innovative and science-driven solutions to climate change that meet intersectional goals of emission reductions and environmental justice. Her focus on Arctic and boreal ecosystems is motivated by the fact that they are some of the most vulnerable yet understudied ecosystems on the planet. Working with a team of scientists, indigenous communities, and fire managers, Dr. Mathes’ goal is to demonstrate that greater investment in science-driven fire management in these regions is crucial in our fight against climate change.

Her past research focused on how disturbances, such as insects and fire, shape ecosystem function and carbon storage. She is passionate about exploring mechanisms that drive stability and recovery from disturbance across different landscapes and biomes in North America, in order to better manage more resilient ecosystems and communities.

Dr. Mathes is passionate about exploring the natural world both professionally and personally. In her free time, she loves to travel, rock climb, and spend lots of time outdoors. She also enjoys playing the cello and eating good food.