Monica Caparas B.S.

  • Research Assistant
Monica Caparas
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Monica Caparas develops metrics to quantify physical climate risks, such as water scarcity and agriculture yields, and applies metrics to case studies relevant to Woodwell’s partnerships. She works with domestic and international municipalities to provide free, uniquely-tailored climate risk assessments, as well as with Wellington Management to incorporate climate risk into investment decision-making. Caparas is motivated to address how climate change is amplifying existing socio-economic and structural inequities through an intersectional lens of physical climate risk and human vulnerability.

Caparas’ past research has examined the impact of climate change in the tropics, looking at changes in atmospheric circulation, extreme precipitation, and water-stressed forest phenology. She utilizes climate models, big data analysis, and data visualizations to understand climate risks and impacts. Caparas holds a B.Sc. in Mathematical Geophysics with a focus on Climate Modeling from Brown University.

Prior to joining Woodwell, Caparas was a professional dancer and aerialist. She loves training multiple circus art disciplines, learning how to better advocate for social justice, warm water scuba diving, and working from home with her dogs in Las Vegas, NV.