Natalie Baillargeon B.A.

  • External Affairs Analyst
Natalie Baillargeon

Ms. Natalie Baillargeon works on the External Affairs team, supporting Woodwell’s strategic initiatives. In this role, she assists in the effective delivery of Woodwell science to partners, decision makers, and policymakers.

Ms. Baillargeon first joined Woodwell in 2018 as a Polaris Project student where she had the opportunity to accompany Woodwell scientists to the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, Alaska to study the impacts of wildfires on vegetation and nutrient cycling. In 2019, Ms. Baillargeon was asked to return to the program as a veteran student and traveled back to Alaska to continue her research. Ms. Baillargeon went on to intern with Woodwell’s Communications department, where she assisted in drafting social media content and writing a policy brief on US climate-induced displacement. In addition to her work with Woodwell, Ms. Baillargeon has also worked with NOAA’s Climate Program Office where her main project was completing a review of a task force grant program.

Ms. Baillargeon graduated from Smith College with a degree in Environmental Science and Policy.