Natalie Baillargeon B.A.

  • Policy Analyst
Natalie Baillargeon

Natalie Baillargeon works with the Government Relations team, supporting Woodwell Climate’s policy analysis and government relations. She manages and contributes to various projects, including identifying opportunities for climate policy in the 2023 Farm Bill, improving climate resilience in the National Flood Insurance Program, and accounting for permafrost emissions in global carbon budgets. 

Baillargeon first joined Woodwell Climate in 2018 as a Polaris Project student, where she studied the impacts of tundra wildfires on vegetation and nutrient cycling in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, Alaska. In 2019, she returned to support new students and continue her research, and went on to publish her findings and complete a meta-analysis on warming experiments across the Arctic tundra. 

Baillargeon then interned with Woodwell Climate’s Communications department, where she assisted in drafting social media content and writing a policy brief on US climate-induced displacement.

In addition to her work with Woodwell Climate, Baillargeon has also worked with NOAA’s Climate Program Office and the Hitchcock Center for the Environment. Her work and research experience are complemented by a B.A. in Environmental Science and Policy from Smith College.