Sarah Moore B.S.

  • Manager for Foundation Relations
Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore works with Woodwell’s Development team, researching foundations and individuals, and fostering connections between projects and funders. Her work building relationships with foundations ensures that Woodwell Climate’s research is able to have the greatest possible impact.

Ms. Moore has extensive experience on both the environmental and administrative side of international sustainable development. Prior to joining Woodwell, Ms. Moore served in the Peace Corps, spending two and a half years in Senegal as an Urban Sustainable Agriculture Extension Agent.

She was also a volunteer for NOAA’s Sea Scallop Survey, and has worked for Associates of Cape Cod, Inc.’s Horseshoe Crab Sustainability Project as well as Boston Children’s Hospital.

Ms. Moore grew up on Cape Cod, MA. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors, particularly skiing, hiking, and paddleboarding.