Sarah Ruiz B.A.

  • Science Writer and Editor
Sarah Ruiz

Sarah Ruiz leads Woodwell Climate’s editorial content production— writing, commissioning, and editing stories about the Center’s research. She oversees the creation of Climate Science For Change, Woodwell’s biannual magazine, and supports field research trips as a reporter and photographer.

Previously, Ruiz worked at the World Resources Institute as a writer and editor, running a blog about forest monitoring and protection efforts. She has also written for the Jane Goodall Institute, Virginia Sea Grant, and other science non-profits and publications. She was a 2016-2017 reporting fellow with the Pulitzer Center, and received a grant from the College of William and Mary to pursue a multimedia reporting project about the 2017 total solar eclipse.

sarah ruiz journalist woodwell

On assignment for Woodwell near Arches National Park, Utah.

She is motivated by her passion to tell stories that have a positive impact on the world and to make climate science accessible and inspiring to a broad audience. She believes that good science communication is vital to combating climate change and hopes connecting to readers on a personal level will drive enthusiasm and action in the fight against climate change.

Ruiz holds a B.A. in Science Communication and broad expertise in ecology, biology, multimedia journalism, and documentary. During her time as an undergraduate, she was an editor for William and Mary’s student newspaper, The Flat Hat. When not writing about climate science, she can be found painting, drawing, writing fiction, and running an Instagram webcomic for the Perseverance Mars Rover.