Steven Gaurin M.S., M. Phil.

  • Lab & Field Safety Manager
Steven Gaurin

Steven Gaurin coordinates the management of laboratory spaces and field operations, ensuring safe and productive research experiences for all of the Center’s scientists. 

Gaurin got involved in environmental action as an undergraduate student at Towson University and went on to earn his master’s degree in environmental science at Florida Tech. After working as a research technician in chemical oceanography at Old Dominion University and University of Maryland, Gaurin earned a second master’s degree in ocean and climate physics at Columbia U. and later attained a PhD-ABD in paleoclimatology at UMass-Amherst. From there, he went on to establish and manage the chemistry lab for the new biology program at Johnson & Wales University, while also working as a specialist in their environmental health and safety department.

Gaurin has been arguing for action on climate change for nearly 35 years, motivated by his deep love and concern for the health and habitability of Earth’s global ecosystem. His work ensures that climate scientists are able to conduct their important research in the safest and most efficient settings. 

Gaurin’s proudest life activity is being a father for his happy, healthy, autistic son, Nicholas.