Webinar series delivering climate science to home audiences

As the COVID-19 social distancing period continues, Woodwell Climate Research Center (formerly Woods Hole Research Center) is continuing to present the Spring 2020 Kaneb Webinar Series, delivering key climate science topics in a way that’s educational and understandable for all ages. Around two hundred people – of varying ages and from around the world – have attended each webinar.

Woodwell Climate Senior Scientist Dr. Jennifer Francis is set to host our next webinar on May 20 at 2:30 p.m., The Arctic Meltdown & Unruly Tropical Storms: How are they connected? Hurricane season officially begins June 1st, with forecasts warning it may be worse than the historic average. Extreme weather now costs the U.S. more than $10 billion each year. Dr. Francis has pioneered the science linking rapid warming in the Arctic to weather here in the U.S. — from snowstorms in the northeast, to flooding and drought in the Midwest, and tropical storms in the Atlantic.

Recent webinars include:

  • Climate Action: Bridging Science and Activism, featuring Woodwell scientist Dr. Marcia Macedo and Jonah Gottlieb of the National Children’s Campaign.
  • Arctic Extremes: The Frontlines of Global Warming, featuring Woodwell scientists Drs. Rachael Treharne, Tatiana Shestakova and Sue Natali.
  • Mild to Wild: How Our Backyard Choices Impact Our Environment, featuring Woodwell scientist Dr. Christopher Neill.
  • The Stories Rivers Tell, featuring Woodwell Climate Deputy Director Dr. Max Holmes, Woodwell scientist Anya Suslova, and Woodwell Board Member and Fishpond Founder and CEO John Le Coq.

All webinars are available to watch at YouTube.com/WoodwellClimate.

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