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Thank you for joining the fight against climate change

Thank you for your gift to support Woodwell Climate Research Center and our work—welcome to our community! Donors like you power our innovative research around the globe and help us turn knowledge into action towards an equitable, healthy, and sustainable world. 

As a new Woodwell Climate supporter, here are five easy ways that you can become engaged with our work and get a closer look at the science you make possible with your generosity.


  1. Watch this short video and see what we mean by “climate science for change.”
  1. Read our latest magazine online. 

You’ll receive a physical copy of our semi-annual magazine in the mail every spring and fall as a donor.  You can always read past editions online.


  1. See examples of the impacts you will help us make.

The results highlighted in our most recent Impact Report are made possible by donors like you.


  1. Check out additional resources online. 

Find an upcoming event on our website or explore some of our most popular webinars below:

Tipping points: Is there a point of no return?

Beyond 1.5: Tipping points

Extreme Weather and the Climate Crisis with Dr. Jennifer Francis

Internalizing risk: What 1.5°C (and beyond) looks like

Beyond 1.5: Internalizing Risk


  1. Connect with us online.

If you haven’t already, connect with us on social media to get updates on our work and the latest news about climate science. 


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