Woodwell Climate’s Max Holmes featured by 60 Minutes on “Pleistocene Park”

In Siberia, a father-son scientist team wants to recreate an ancient ecosystem to help fight climate change. On the March 31 edition of 60 Minutes on CBS, Woodwell Climate Research Center (formerly Woods Hole Research Center) Deputy Director Dr. Max Holmes was featured discussing the ambitious ideas behind what Sergey and Nikita Zimov call “Pleistocene Park.”

Holmes has worked with the Zimovs for years and has made multiple visits to conduct research at their station north of the Arctic Circle. As climate change rapidly warms the Arctic, Woodwell Climate Research Center scientists study thawing permafrost and assess the emissions that come from these vast landscapes.

60 Minutes journalist Scott Pelley asked Max what he thought about Sergey Zimov’s attempt to keep permafrost frozen.

“Fascinating theory,” Holmes said. “I’m fascinated by the science that can be done to see if it’s correct. But he’s pursuing this. We need to think about solutions.”

Watch the episode below (Pleistocene Park segment starts at 15:55):

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